Club Meeting  January 4th   Blossom

Thank You for a great turnout at the DAMAR Center Christmas event. Our club funded the gifts for the kids for the tenth consecutive year.

 Any Events You Have In Mind ?

Happy December Birthdays!

Dave Jones 10th
Melinda Styer 15th
Joan Thuer 21st

For Sale:  1988 Corvette Cpe. Torch Red, Chrome wheels. Extremely nice car, has won nearly 100 car show awards. ​98k miles but looks brand new. $8500.00
See Steve Styer

Corvette Trivia

The man who named the Corvette was Myron Scott; then Chevrolet's Chief photographer.

1974 was the last year the Corvette would be produced to run on "leaded" gasoline.

It takes 55 hours to build the new C5 Corvette, down from 70 hours for the previous C4 model.

   Only 53 1996 Grand Sport Convertibles were built with the Red/Black interior option. 

Meetings are at 7:00 p.m.

Dinner prior to all meetings is at The Irish Mutt at 10th and Shadeland.  5:30 ish.