Club Meeting  January 4th   Blossom
Club Meeting February 15th Blossom
  Club Meeting March 1st  Blossom
  Club Meeting  March 15th  Blossom
  Club Meeting April 5th  Blossom
  Pit Stop Brunch   April 8th
  Overlook Drive/Dine  TBA
  Zaharakos Cruise  April  21st
  Club Meeting   May 3rd  Blossom
  Decatur Lions Parade  June 5th  
  Club Meeting  June 7th Blossom
  DAMAR Car Display  June 9th
  Club Meeting  June 21st  Blossom
  Lake Cumberland Trip  June 28-July 1
  Club Meeting  July 5th  Blossom
  Cars 'N Critters Car Show July 14th
  Churchill Downs  July 28th
  Club Appreciation Cruise   Aug. 11th
  Club Meeting   Aug. 16th  Blossom
  State Fair Car Show  August 19th
  ARK Experience  August 25th
  Beech Grove Parade September 15th
  Club Meeting  Sept. 20th  Blossom
  Ertel Cellars Brunch  Sept. 30th
  Brown County Corvette Day  Oct. 7th
  Club Meeting  Oct. 18th  Blossom

A Big "Thank You" to all of the OCCCC members who heped make
 "Brown County Corvette Day" 
a huge success!

  Lots of other cool Corvette Stuff coming!

 Any Events You Have In Mind?

Corvette Trivia

 Want the rarest Corvette? In 1953 the first two Corvettes, VINs 0001 and 0002, were said to have been destroyed, but no records prove that fact and there are no witnesses to the destruction. Who knows? They still might be out there somewhere.

To commemorate the new V-8 engine, 1955 Corvettes featured an enlarged, gold "V" in the "Corvette" script on the front fender panels.

The 2009 ZR1 was the first production Corvette to retail for over $100,000.

July 2nd, 1992 marks the day when the one millionth Corvette, a white convertible, rolled off the assembly line. *It subsequently fell into the sink hole.

Meetings are at 7:00 p.m. and held at Blossom Chevrolet
 1850 N. Shadeland Ave.
Indianapolis, Indiana

Dinner prior to all meetings is at The Irish Mutt at 10th and Shadeland.  5:30 ish.



ROD HILL    Red C4