Club Meeting  Jan.17th Blossom
Club Meeting  February 21st  Blossom
Indiana Roof Display for Damar Mar. 9
Club Meeting   April 4th
Club Meeting   April 18th
Skillman Car Museum   April 27th
Club Meeting   May 2nd
Vettes for Vets Lafayette   May 4th
Gatlinburg  May 9th
Hendrick Tour May 10-11 
Club Meeting  May 16th
Decatur Lions Club Parade   6-11
Club Meeting   Blossom  June 20th
Bloomington Gold  IMS  6-20 - 6-22
Cars 'n Critters MC Fair Car Show 6-23
Morristown Parade   July 27th
Zaharakos Cruise   August 17th
Beef House Drive 'n Dine  August 11th
State Fair Car Show   August. 18th
Corvette Museum Cruise  Aug. 29th
Lake Cumberland Weekend Aug. 29-31
Club Meeting  Blossom  Sept. 5th
Beech Grove Parade  Sept. 14th
Club Meeting  Blossom  Sept 19th
DAMAR Car Display Sept. 21st
Member Appreciation Event
Brown County Corvette Day  Oct. 6th​

  Lots of other cool Corvette Stuff coming!

Corvette Trivia

In the 2020 C8 Corvette; the driver sits 16.5 inches forward from the C7.

The 1963–1967 Sting Ray also tops Automobile Magazine‘s Top 100 Coolest cars list.

Space-race pilot Chuck Yeager drove the Corvette pace car for the 1986 Indianapolis 500.

The code name for the Corvette project (pre-production) was “Opal”. When it started to hit the show circuit as a concept, it was known as “EX-122”.