Club Meeting  January 5th   Blossom
  Club Meeting  January 19th  Blossom
  Club Meeting  February 2nd Blossom
  Board of Directors Mtg.  Feb. 9th
  Club Meeting  February 16th Blossom
  Club Meeting March 2nd Blossom
  Ertel Cellars Brunch  March 5th
  Club Meeting  March 16th  Blossom
  Club Meeting  April 6th   Blossom
  Skillman Classic Cars    April 8th
  Bloomington Gold  at IMS  May 2017
  Club Meeting  May 4th  Blossom
  Zaharakos Cruise   May 6
  Club Meeting  May 18th  Blossom
  Decatur Lions Parade  June 6
  DAMAR Car Display  June 10
  Lake Cumberland Wknd.  June 15-18
  Corvette Plant / Museum  June 15th
  Club Meeting  July 6th  Blossom
  Belle of Louisville Cruise  July 8
  Cars 'N Critters Car Show  July 15
  State Fair Car Show   August 20th
  Brown County Corvette Day   Oct. 1st


   In celebration of our 40th Anniversary as a club; members will be taking a cruise on the Belle  of Louisville on a Saturday in June. Please let Steve know if you plan to attend. 
This will be at no cost to current members!

Former members (self funded) are welcome with advance confirmation to Steve Styer or Dave Jones. 

Lots of stuff upcoming for 2017.
Cruises, Lake trips, Drive and Dines, Vettes for Vets and lots more.

 Any Events You Have In Mind For 2017?

Happy June Birthdays

Pat Smith

Happy July Birthdays

John Horton
Carson Smith
Bob Lee

Corvette Trivia

The first Corvettes were literally "rolled" off the assembly line. The early production line was not prepared for grounding to a fiberglass body and thusly the first cars would not start. 

1968-1972 the coupe's rear window was removeable for more of a true convertible experience

The awesome 454ci engine was only offered for 5 years.. 1970, 71, 72, 73, and 1974

   The total 2009 Corvette production run of only 16,956 cars was the lowest since 1962's production run of 14,531 units (not counting 1997's run of 9,752 cars due late introduction of the new C5).

Dinner prior to all meetings is at The Irish Mutt at 10th and Shadeland.  5:30 ish.