Club Meeting  January 16th Skillman        Club Meeting  Feb. 20th  Skillman        
Club Luncheon  Gray Bros.  March 7th
New Pal "500"  Parade May 22nd
Club Mystery Cruise / Picnic  June 20th
Marion County Fair Car Show July 5th
State Fair Car Show Aug. 16th
Beech Grove Parade  Sept. 19th

May Birthdays

Patty Rork
Steve Styer
Walt Thuer​

Corvette Trivia

The original 1953 Corvette prototype was designated EX122

The 2005 model first introduced the keyless access and start. It also featured headlights that didn’t pop up, which hadn’t been seen on a Corvette since 1962.

Our Club's first President was Founder Mike Bell. Our first Vice-President was John Worland, who was Joan Thuer's "Cousin in law" as well as a mortician!