Club Meeting  January 4th   Blossom
Club Meeting February 15th Blossom
  Club Meeting March 1st  Blossom
  Club Meeting  March 15th  Blossom
  Club Meeting April 5th  Blossom
  Pit Stop Brunch   April 8th
  Overlook Drive/Dine  April 21st
  Zaharakos Cruise  TBA
  DAMAR Car Display  June 9th
  Lake Cumberland Trip  June 28-July 1
  Cars 'N Critters Car Show July 14th
  Churchill Downs  July 28th
  State Fair Car Show  August 19th

  Lots of other cool Corvette Stuff coming!

 Any Events You Have In Mind ?

No April Birthdays!

Corvette Trivia

The man who named the Corvette was Myron Scott; then Chevrolet's Chief photographer.

1967 was the first year to have three hoods: the small block hood, the big block hood, and the L-88 hood, even though externally the L-88 looked like the regular big block hood.

1991 was the 10th anniversary of Corvette production at the Bowling Green, KY plant

Starting in the 2011 model year, buyers of the Corvette Z06 and ZR1 are offered the opportunity to assist in the build of their engine. Titled the "Corvette Engine Build Experience," buyers can pay an extra $5,800 to be flown to the Wixom, Michigan Performance Build Center.

The big news for the 2018 model year is the return of the Corvette ZR1 complete with some serious aero options and a 750HP LT5 engine.

Guesstimated top speed is 210 mph!

Prices start at $123,000.00

Meetings are at 7:00 p.m.

Dinner prior to all meetings is at The Irish Mutt at 10th and Shadeland.  5:30 ish.