Club Meeting  January 5th   Blossom
  Club Meeting  January 19th  Blossom
  Club Meeting  February 2nd Blossom
  Board of Directors Mtg.  Feb. 9th
  Club Meeting  February 16th Blossom
  Club Meeting March 2nd Blossom
  Ertel Cellars Brunch  March 5th
  Club Meeting  March 16th  Blossom
  Club Meeting  April 6th   Blossom
  Skillman Classic Cars    April 8th
  Bloomington Gold  at IMS  May 2017
  Club Meeting  May 4th  Blossom
  Zaharakos Cruise   May 6
  Club Meeting  May 18th  Blossom
  Decatur Lions Parade  June 6
  DAMAR Car Display  June 10
  Lake Cumberland Wknd.  June 15-18
  Corvette Plant / Museum  June 15th
  Club Meeting  July 6th  Blossom
  Belle of Louisville Cruise  July 8
  Cars 'N Critters Car Show  July 15
  State Fair Car Show   August 20th
  Club Meeting Sept 7th  Blossom
  Beech Grove Parade   Sept. 16th
  Club Meeting  Sept. 21st   Blossom
  Zaharakos Cruise  Sept. 23rd
  Brown County Corvette Day   Oct. 1st
  Club Meeting      Oct. 5th
  Club Meeting      Oct. 19th
  DAMAR Christmas Event   Dec. 14th
  Club Christmas Party


Lots of stuff remaining for 2017.

 Any Events You Have In Mind ?

Get Well Soon!
Ken  Stewart

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Corvette Trivia

Aluminum knock off wheels only cost $322 for a set of 5 in 1964. *Try getting them for that now!

 Corvette had its first all aluminum engine in 1969 as the ZL-1. It was not the first GM automobile to do so, however, being beaten by the Corvair in 1960 and the Buick 215 V8.

The 1984 Corvette had the steepest windshield rake angle of any previous American production automobile at 64 degrees.

The first meeting of the WIFE Corvette Club (which eventually became "Original Circle City Corvette Club") was held Sept 19, 1977.

Meetings are at 7:00 p.m.

Dinner prior to all meetings is at The Irish Mutt at 10th and Shadeland.  5:30 ish.